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The Vital Sanitation Story

Vital Sanitation is a project started by Generations Unlimited, a charitable organization serving Barnwell County, South Carolina. We serve as both the local Council on Aging and Meals on Wheels program as well as Local Motion, a rural Public Transportation solution. As an essential service, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we HAD to figure out how to keep people safe and not spread the coronavirus.

Due to this need, we went to work, using the CARES act to supply ourselves with a heavy-duty sanitation machine as well as hundreds of gallons of green, hospital-grade, and most importantly safe cleaning solution: Vital Oxide. Now, we have a collection of resources that we want to SHARE with any citizens, organizations, or businesses that are struggling or have had struggles with the coronavirus.

What will we do? We will come to your location before or after hours either daily, weekly, or at your convenience. We offer weekend and weekday services at the same low rates and your estimate is FREE with no obligation. Our professional staff will come and sanitize buildings, trailers, and vehicles as needed and, if needed, provide some basic cleaning services as well. Our Vital Oxide sanitizing product is EPA Certified and proven effective against the coronavirus Covid-19.

The staff that we work with is the same staff that sanitizes our buses and facility daily. They are trusted, trained, and knowledgeable, and we know that they treat every job as if they’re protecting their own family. Give us a call to find out how easy we are to work with and how reasonable our rates are!

Proceeds will be used to help support our programs.

Our Team


About Our Sanitizing Process

Our Trained & Insured team of local professionals comes to you with our specialized electrostatic decontamination machine & vital oxide solution. We will run the sanitizing machine for 10 – 15 minutes depending on the size of the space and then allow the area to air out for 15 minutes, moving from room to room. The solution will aerosolize and clear all surfaces and air particles of 99.999% off all virus and bacteria.

Vital Oxide Sanitizing Solution works completely in just 10 minutes, so after that time the room will be clean and safe to enter. The solution will then air dry, which could take some time on surfaces, but Vital Oxide is EPA Certified & Approved Food Safe for Residential & Commercial Kitchens. This solution is safe for all surfaces, although it will have a similar effect as water when sitting on a surface to air dry. It is very efficient and much more effective and safe than household cleaners.


Covid-19 Resources

Once we’ve sanitized your space, there are important things that you can do to prevent future Covid-19 infection. The CDC has Recommended Steps for Protecting Yourself & Others from Covid-19, make sure that you incorporate these practices into your business, such as:

  • Wearing a Mask
  • Staying Socially Distanced (6 Ft)
  • Avoiding Crowds
  • Ventilating Your Space (Air Purifiers can Be Very Helpful! – Use the Contact Form & Ask What We Recommend)
  • Wash Hands Often
  • Cover Coughs & Sneezes
  • Clean & Disinfect Regularly
  • Monitor Your Daily Health
  • Get Vaccinated
For More Information on the Coronavirus, Visit The Official CDC Page on Covid-19.